Participants Database Plugin for WordPress

One of the faculty sent me an email asking for a course roster that could include images of her students so that she could put faces with names. There are manual ways of doing this in Blackboard or Canvas, but I went looking for a plugin that I might use in a WordPress site and found “Participants Database.”

This is a well thought-out application.  You create several WP pages and place specific shortcodes on them so that Participants Database functions are carried out on those pages:

  • There is a shortcode for the “Sign Up Page.”
    • There are default fields including first & last name, city & state, but you can add others…
      • A dropdown list of Course IDs
      • A photo upload option.
    • You can even add a “Forgot your private link” option that allows a user to request their “private link” be re-sent to them via email.  *In this case the “private link” takes you to a page where you can add, modify or delete your personal information (record form).
  • This  pdb-list-shortcodeshortcode is placed on the page where you want your database list to appear.  In my case, it is the list of students that have added themselves to the list.  The “Course Roster” page.

I created an extra field called “courseid,” and then added a dropdown list, in the sign-up, for several courses/sections.  I figured that an instructor that was teaching multiple courses, or several sections of a course, would only need to use one Sign-Up form for all of her students.  There is a way to divvy up these sections so that only one course appears on a page.

This plugin could be used for other purposes, but this is just the first one that I thought of.

You can try this plugin from the “Participants Database Example” Menu to the right.  Take a look at the Course Roster, then come out and add yourself (dummy info, except for maybe the email address) via the Course Sign-Up page.