Let’s talk… This timer needs to use https so that you could embed it in Canvas or Blackboard and have it display.  http://e.ggtimer.com/  

SoundCiteJS – Embedded Audio Player

[cjtoolbox name=’SoundCiteJS Header’ ] [/cjtoolbox] I was sitting in the restaurant looking over their lunch menu. — About SoundCiteJS. The SoundCityJS source code is available on GitHub. Note: I am using the “CSS & JavaScript Toolbox” WordPress plugin to include the required header info for SoundCiteJS to display properly. I found that if I did…

Column Shortcodes Plugin Examples

The “Column Shortcodes” plugin for WordPress makes it easy to add columns to your pages or postings.  I’ll admit that it is a little disconcerting to have the shortcode actually appear from the Visual Editor, but ignore it and enjoy the additional columns control;-) And, back to one column, or none as you may prefer.…

TablePress Plugin Example

Activate the TablePress plugin to be able to easily import spreadsheet/table data into your posts/pages.  If you have your data in an Excel spreadsheet, or comma delimited file, you can easily Import this into WP and have it displayed in an attractive, sortable form.  *This is a well developed program.